The best tool for visual automation.

Championed by small and mid-sized businesses, the SPR is your go-to solution for software packaging. Streamline your software distribution and invigorate your visual WYSIWYG script automation with our trusted tool.


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Application Control

Instruct the SPR to become your virtual assistant for repeated tasks.

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Automatic Installation

Software distribution; Record Installation, Compile and Distribute to other Computer client to automate the installation.

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Automatically run tests

Set the SPR to automatically perform frequently measure test cases.

What is the SPR good for?

More than just clicking buttons or operating the keyboard,
the SPR is a powerhouse of functionality.
With over 1000 automated features across various domains,
The SPR amplifies your productivity and efficiency.
Beyond that, SPR takes security seriously,
offering robust data transmission and OTP-based encryption,
ensuring your data is always safeguarded.

Want to See SPR in Action?

Get your Smart Package Robot!

Video Tutorials

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How It Works

Get started! See video for Installation and

see the Online Help: Smart Package Robot Users Manual (Nov. 2023).

and the Smart Package Robot Manual as PDF-File (Nov. 2023)

These files may not always be current, hence they might not reflect the most recent version.

See English tutorial Video HERE!

See German tutorial Video overview HERE!

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Samples and Other Features

Embrace the power of flexibility with our automation system, a strategic advantage that propels your business forward. Revel in the primary benefits of cost reduction, heightened productivity, round-the-clock availability, unwavering reliability, and a surge in performance. Discover the boundless possibilities by checking out these videos reliability and increase performance.


General Use

Special Features

Multiple Samples


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Support and Contact

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