The SPR: A Scripting-Based Automation Powerhouse

What is the Smart Package Robot (SPR)?

The SPR is your gateway to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As a visual automation and scripting system for Windows, SPR is powered by Theo Gottwald's MiniRobots Technology (MR/MRT). We named it the 'Smart Package Robot' because it's designed to record or script virtually any manual action. Why? Because we believe in the wisdom of letting the robot handle the work!

With SPR, you can easily record software setup installations and uninstallations using the integrated 'InstaRec' and 'UnInstaRec' programs. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Over time, you'll uncover countless more ways to utilize your new Smart Package Robot.

Compatible with any Windows OS from Vista to Windows 10/x64, SPR empowers you to script and automate a myriad of your daily tasks. Plus, you can compile your automation scripts into standalone EXE files. These compact files are easily distributable via any software distribution system that supports executable files.

Pray, what is a script?

One might liken it to a sonnet of commands, a melodic sequence that dances to the rhythm of the SPR's execution,
 from the first note to the closing chord.

And whence does one obtain such a script?

As though from the quill of an inspired poet, you may summon it from the depths of the InstaRec installation recorder.
Alternatively, like a master sculptor, you might chisel and mould your creation using the included SPR Editor, a tool that shapes your thoughts into automated reality.

What might scripts accomplish for your cause?

Think of them as silent scribes and tireless artisans, willing to shoulder the burden of tasks that do not inspire joy, especially those of a repetitive nature.
In this, the SPR finds its purpose, tirelessly crafting its art, often with a swiftness that surpasses mortal ability.

One might wonder, does scripting echo the complexity of computer programming?

In essence, it does, but it is simpler and more focused on accomplishing the task at hand.
The SPR script language is not just a means to an end, but an end in itself, a language that sings the song of getting things done.
Once you have crafted your scripts, the allows you to transform them into self-executing symphonies.

These harmonious compositions are yours to share, to make available for the world's stage on your website,
or to distribute across your company's grand orchestra.

Whether it's to silence the cacophony of helpdesk issues or to orchestrate a perfect software installation,
SPR is your faithful maestro, ready to conduct your operations to the grand finale.


The SPR is a Scripting based Automation Tool

SPR-Editor—included in the Package without extra cost

This Program enables you to edit all Sort of Scripts in a comfortbale way. There are numerouse help functions builtin that will enable you to write the scripts that will automate yourt tasks.

The SPRE-Editor is also used to "Run" or "Single-Step" throught the recorded Installations and Deinstallations.

Tools included in the Package

There are many tools included with the SPR.

***This is just a Snapshot of the Main Installation folder.

🤖 Introducing the Smart Package Robot (SPR) 🚀

Welcome to a world where scripting meets modern versatility with the Smart Package Robot (SPR). This is not just a scripting language; it's your digital ally, ready to transform how you handle software packages and automation tasks. 🌐 With an unmatched suite of AI-powered features and user-friendly commands, SPR streamlines your daily tasks, boosting productivity and creative potential. 🎨

  • Discover the Smart Package Robot:

  • ⚓ Step into a realm where the golden era of technology meets the pinnacle of modern innovation. Let the Smart Package Robot (SPR) be your guide to this nostalgic yet futuristic journey. ☕ Relax, sip your coffee, and watch as SPR transforms the complex into the charmingly simple.

    💡 A Fusion of Modern AI with Timeless Design

    🎉 Embrace the seamless marriage of state-of-the-art text-to-speech and artificial intelligence with the warm, welcoming glow of retro aesthetics. Picture this: your very own SPR, an eloquent conversationalist, a master of command, and a creative genius, all rolled into one. 🌟 Let it take you by the hand into a world where every interaction is a step back in time and a leap forward in capability.

    📘 Clarity in Complexity

    🧩 If today's intricately complex systems leave you yearning for the clear, crisp mornings of programming's springtime, then SPR is your breath of fresh air. It's an oasis of simplicity in a desert of complication. With SPR, say a fond farewell to bewildering interfaces and embrace the clear path to your goals.

    👨‍🏫 Old-School Charm with New-School Smarts

    🎓 Step into the time machine of coding with SPR's retro-inspired interface. Reminisce with "go to" and "if else" while the robot's advanced algorithms work quietly in the future. It's a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, like reading from a leather-bound book while flying in a supersonic jet.

    🚀 A Symphony of Features

    🌈 The Smart Package Robot is your orchestra conductor for the digital age. From the delicate precision of image manipulation to the steadfast security of data encryption, SPR conducts a symphony of automation functions with a maestro's touch. Watch in awe as mundane tasks transform into a dance of efficiency and creativity.

    📈 Elevate Your Work to Art

    📊 With the SPR, your productivity isn't just enhanced; it's transformed into a work of art. Command the robot to orchestrate your files, polish your text, and manage your digital canvas with the elegance of a seasoned artist. SPR is the brush, and your work is the masterpiece.

    🤖 Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow

    🕰️ With SPR, you hold a compass that points both backward to the roots of computing and forward to the horizon of technological wonders. Dive into the charm of the past with the sleek, swift capabilities of the future. This isn't just a product; it's a journey to the pinnacle of programming pleasure.

In essence, the Smart Package Robot (SPR) is your all-in-one solution for automating repetitive tasks, managing files, enhancing interfaces, handling calculations, and much more. It's like having a tireless, multi-talented assistant that works around the clock to make your day less stressful and your work more productive. With SPR, you can say goodbye to monotony and hello to efficiency.

Features of the Smart Package Robot:

  • 📢 New Set of AI-Features & Test Commands:
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Vision and Image Processing

  • 🗣️🔊 Open AI TTS: Transform text into natural speech seamlessly for an enhanced auditory experience. Communicate fluidly and naturally.
  • 🧠💬 GPT 4 with 128k Token Context Window: Dive deeper into AI conversations with unrivaled contextual understanding. Expand the horizon of digital dialogue.
  • 🎨 Open AI DALLE-3: Unleash creativity with revolutionary AI-generated images at your command. Visualize creativity without limits.
  • 🗣️ ElevenLabs Text 2 Speech: Experience text-to-speech with unprecedented realism. Hear the digital world come alive.
  • ☁️🌐 Stable Diffusion Local & Online via Automatic1111: Access both local and cloud-based image generation for flexible, creative solutions. Bridge the gap between imagination and reality.
  • 🖥️🤓 GPT4All and LM Studio: Harness powerful offline AI capabilities for autonomous operations. Empower your creativity and efficiency with advanced AI.
  • 🌍📖 DeepL Translator with SPR Integration: Enjoy real-time, accurate translations integrated seamlessly with SPR. Break down language barriers effortlessly.
  • 💬 Open AI ChatGPT: Engage naturally with your SPR through conversational AI. Foster meaningful interactions with digital intelligence.
  • 🌀 Supports Mistral AI: Harness the power of tailored AI solutions for diverse needs. Elevate your automation with Mistral AI.
  • 📢 Antropic's Claude 3.0 AI Support: With the next release, SPR will support Antropic's cutting-edge Claude 3.0 AI, unlocking new possibilities for advanced AI integration.
  • 📢 Test Commands for Application Testing

  • 📢 Test Commands: Specifically designed for application testing, these commands offer features such as IBAN verification and a name synthesizer capable of generating nearly unlimited unique names. Additionally, generate complete addresses, bank details, and more for comprehensive application testing.
  • 🖱️ Mouse and Keyboard Operations

  • 🖱️ Mouse Operations: SPR acts as your digital companion, navigating and clicking with precision, alleviating the need for manual interaction.
  • ⌨️ Keyboard Actions: Mimicking your typing, SPR streamlines your typing tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing effort.
  • 📁 File and Interface Management

  • 📁 File Handling: Master of file management, SPR effortlessly organizes and manages files, even those with extensive path lengths up to 32760 characters.
  • 👀 Recognizing Interfaces: With keen insight, SPR identifies graphical interfaces across applications and browsers, effortlessly finding input fields and buttons.
  • ⏳ AI-like Behavior

  • Patiently Responding: SPR waits attentively for program prompts, responding when needed, akin to an ever-present digital assistant.
  • 🔇 Discreet Operations: Operating silently in the background, SPR ensures seamless workflow without intruding on the user’s space.
  • 💡 Decision Making: SPR exhibits AI-like decision-making, processing data to make informed choices with minimal human input.
  • 🛠️ Advanced Features

  • 🛠️ Macro Support: Offering extensive macro capabilities with support for local variables, SPR enables custom command creation for tailored automation.
  • 🧮 Calculations: Equipped to perform intricate calculations, SPR serves as your computational wizard, handling complex mathematical operations.
  • 🔐 Encryption: Guaranteeing data security with robust encryption, SPR stands resilient against the threats of tomorrow’s cryptography challenges.
  • 🎛️ Enhancing Interfaces: SPR enhances application interfaces by adding customizable button bars, allowing for macro integration directly within GUIs.
  • 🔧 Wide Array of Built-in Functions: Packed with over 1000 functions, SPR is a powerhouse of versatility, ready to tackle a wide array of tasks.
  • 🔄 Simple Updates: With effortless updates via SPR_Update.exe, your SPR remains at the forefront of automation technology (currently deactivated, there will be a new version soon).
  • 🐞 SPR Editor with Free-Run Mode: The SPR Editor’s Free-Run Mode offers real-time debugging, enhancing script development and execution.
  • ⚡ Performance and Speed

  • Speed Advantage: Boasting the ability to process 16 million ticks per second, SPR handles data-intensive tasks with unparalleled speed.
  • 🤹 Parallel Tasks: A master of multitasking, SPR runs concurrent tasks efficiently, each capable of intercommunication for complex operations.
  • 🖼️ Image and Data Processing

  • 🖼️ Image Manipulation: From merging images to pattern recognition, SPR’s image manipulation capabilities are unmatched.
  • 📊 Hi-Speed Commands for CSV Files: SPR processes large CSV files swiftly, transforming data handling into a task of seconds.
  • 📜 Scripting Enhancements

  • 📜 Complete Scripting Command Set: Now includes SELECT CASE, CHOOSE, ON .. GOTO, and MODULES with spaces for local variables, enhancing script flexibility and structure.
  • 📢 Testing Commands: SPR now offers testing commands to ensure your scripts are working as expected, providing a more robust automation experience.

In a nutshell, the Smart Package Robot (SPR) is a comprehensive solution that empowers you to automate repetitive tasks, streamline file management, enhance interfaces, perform complex calculations, and more. It's like having a diligent assistant working tirelessly to simplify your work and boost productivity. With SPR, you can bid farewell to monotonous tasks and welcome efficiency into your workflow.

In essence, SPR is like a tireless, multi-talented assistant that works around the clock, handling tedious tasks, making your work smoother, and your day less stressful.

Support and Contact

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